IntelligentPad Overview

IntelligentPad is a media architecture developed by Yuzuru Tanaka, a professor of the Graduate School of Engineering at Hokkaido University. The IntelligentPad Consortium makes available IntelligentPad samples and related resources through its web site, with the aim of informing people about the project and spreading interest in it.

1. "In our information-centered society, the accumulation of shared culture takes place largely through the following information-handling activities: (1) externalization, (2) recording and saving, (3) distribution,
(4) sharing, (5) citation, and (6) editing. In order to become truly a part of our culture, computers must provide integrated support for all these activities. Therefore IntelligentPad has been conceived to serve as a distributed, open, integrated platform for the processing of all forms of information.".

Translated from "A Report on Self-Organizing Media Information Bases and Collaborative Work Support Environments".

2. "I would like to accelerate the development of our culture and science technology by developing a system that people all over the world can use to distribute, exchange, re-use and re-edit intellectual resources of any kind".

Translated from "The IntelligentPad Meme Media Architecture and its Applications".


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