What Is Possible With IntelligentPad?

In the IntelligentPad environment you can build applications by simply pasting pads together.
In the past, application construction was only possible for software developers using programming techniques.  But even total beginners without any programming knowledge can build applications by pasting pads, confirming the results on screen as they go.
You can cut and paste pads freely.  Peel off unnecessary pads and keep just the ones you need.
An application created by pasting pads together (a composite pad) might include functions that are not relevant to your current goals.  In such a case you can simply peel off the unnecessary parts, keeping just those that you choose.  If some other previously absent function is needed, it can be added by pasting a pad that implements that function.
Software-environment-friendly reusable pads.
Disassembling an application into its component pads allows those pads to be reused by re-assembly in various ways.  Completely new applications can be created, but in a very different way from the building-from-scratch approach that has been typical up to now.  IntelligentPad thus enables a form of application recycling.
Exchanging pads between people leads to limitless application possibilities.
By embedding pads created by others into the applications you build, the range of applications you can create is greatly enlarged.
A network can become a warehouse and market for shared resources.
With a worldwide network like the Internet it becomes possible to support pad storage, display and management, to provide facilities for searching for desired pads, and hence to conduct the buying and selling or free exchange of pads.
Through global distribution, the creation of astronomical numbers of applications just by pasting pads together will become possible.
If 10,000 programmers dotted around the world each developed three pads annually, 30,000 new pads per year would become available, opening up vast possibilities for creating applications using combinations of these pads.
Evolution of intellectual resources, and hence of culture, is accelerated.
By the distribution of pads, intellectual resources expressed using pads as their medium are repeatedly copied and edited, resulting in a kind of natural selection and evolution of these resources. Thus the development of a new medium leads to the creation of new culture.

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