IntelligentPad Advantages

Ability to build the applications that you want, without programming. Even computer novices can do it!
Creation of complex multi-media documents, incorporating a range of features such as images, animations, text and calculation, by simple on-screen manipulation.
Re-usable pads. Users can disassemble composite pads and re-use the parts in combination with other pads to create a wide range of applications.
Platform-independent exchange of information.
Users can copy and distribute pads via networks.
IntelligentPad offers a new infrastructure for information and knowledge.
software developers
IntelligentPad improves programming productivity.
The ability to build systems by simple pad-assembly operations enables:
  • reduction of development time
  • cost savings
  • re-use rather than programming from scratch
  • direct on-screen feedback of construction progress.
Developers can build applications without having to know the internal details of every pad they use.
Ease of altering and updating assembled applications enhances software maintainability.

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